In the face of seemingly insurmountable circumstances, how do my dreams materialize?

When I found myself in a situation where strength was my only option, I made a firm decision to never surrender and steadfastly pursued the path that meant everything to me. As a result, I embarked on a journey of professional English learning and writing articles from the comfort of my own home. At that time, it was the only avenue available to me. However, my heart whispered words of encouragement, urging me to maintain faith in better days ahead.

For months, I persevered along this path, devoid of fatigue or disappointment, recognizing it as an invaluable opportunity to shed light on the struggles faced by Afghan girls and women. Through my writing, I aimed to amplify their voices, bringing attention to the numerous obstacles the Taliban imposed upon them, restricting their freedoms.

As I previously mentioned, weariness was absent from my journey, until suddenly, my greatest dream came to fruition. I managed to secure my dream job, despite the countless restrictions and challenges that confronted me. Now, I am determined to leverage this opportunity not only for my personal growth but also to advocate for all the girls who have been deprived of education and fundamental human rights.

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  1. Aernout Bakels
    Aernout Bakels zegt:

    Fortunately I see eyes. Living eyes. Not dead eyes. Eyes without fire, but instead: Loving Kindness, fortunately! Eyes that battle without arms. Eyes that suffer but resist. Eyes that … MATTER!
    Allow me, mylady, to proclaim the blessing of my Lord Jesus over you. I so did now. He knows you and is always there for you. Day and night. Therefore schooling and jobs are now fulfilled: Your phocus on Him will give you both.


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