What does it feel like to be a woman in Afghanistan?

As a woman who worked in the media for three years and strived to shape my own future, it has been incredibly challenging to be confined at home and away from my activities. Afghan women are facing immense difficulties in resisting the oppressive rules imposed by the Taliban. When the Taliban took control of the country, I had to halt all my endeavors and focus on protecting myself and my family. However, after months, I realized that this was not the right path, so I decided to embark on a different journey. I started writing articles and collaborating with news agencies from the safety of my home, fully aware of the risks and the courage it required.

Countless Afghan girls are deprived of education and have had their biggest dreams shattered. This issue is not only about me; it affects numerous girls. They are confined to their homes or, in some cases, forced into marriages. Prior to the Taliban’s rule, they were attending school and working towards turning their dreams into reality. Although I personally knew many girls whose families opposed their education, they were brave enough to fight for it. Now, all these challenges have multiplied.

I never imagined that one day I, or any Afghan girl, would have to endure such suffering. Being deprived of basic rights simply because of being a woman is incredibly painful. However, now is the time to fight and raise our voices to be heard by the world.

I am sharing this story to raise awareness among people worldwide about the current situation in Afghanistan. Women are the most vulnerable segment of society, and now they are being entirely forgotten despite their relentless efforts. I hope that this account will have a positive impact on the living conditions of all Afghan women. I firmly believe that one day, women will be the catalysts for transformative change.

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