The Afghan Girls’ 20-Year Fight

We have fought for nearly 20 years to secure our rights as members of society, to have the right to vote, and to live a life like any other human being around the world. It has been a challenging journey, filled with numerous obstacles and adversities – bombings, murders, targeted attacks, and family problems, among many others. Despite these hardships, instead of giving up, we chose to fight and persevere. We stood against all forms of cruelty and injustice. However, everything we had achieved was destroyed in a matter of moments. We have lost all our accomplishments, and now Afghan girls are denied education and the opportunity to work outside their homes. They are deprived of a normal life.

When discussing Afghan girls, we must acknowledge and remember their bravery, courage, and sacrifices. In a society where being a woman or girl is treated as a crime, Afghan women have demonstrated their determination to shape their own future and never give up. They have organized numerous marches and protests to raise their voices and make it clear to people worldwide that they are determined to fight for their rights. The Taliban is attempting to erase or exclude Afghan women from society.

Despite all the challenges in Afghanistan, women have made history. Just as they have done over the past 20 years, I am confident that these women will do it again. I hope the world will not forget about Afghan girls and the sacrifices they have made. If the world stands beside us, our strength will be doubled, making it impossible for the Taliban to impose severe restrictions on women. This is particularly crucial in terms of education, which is a basic right for every human being, including Afghan girls. We must gather our strength to reclaim our rights, dreams, and happiness.

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