My incomplete dreams

In the face of adversity and countless obstacles, I finally had the opportunity to showcase my abilities and prove myself to everyone. Becoming a journalist not only fulfilled my own aspirations but also allowed me to support other girls who shared the same dreams. As an Afghan girl, this accomplishment was monumental. However, my journey was far from complete, as there were many other ambitions I longed to fulfill. Unfortunately, the swift arrival of the Taliban regime shattered everything I had worked for in mere moments.

Nevertheless, I firmly held onto the belief that one day I could attain all my dreams, particularly my greatest one. My ultimate aspiration has always been to establish a small school in Bamyan exclusively for girls, equipped with all the necessary facilities. Even during Afghanistan’s period of relative freedom, Bamyan lacked a satisfactory educational institution. Being a province with a substantial number of educated individuals, it was disheartening to witness the absence of even basic resources.

Another crucial goal was to obtain a Master’s degree in my field. I embarked on my studies with unwavering hope, yearning to become a knowledgeable politician, an educated woman, financially independent, and an integral part of society. I yearned for the freedom to express myself fully, to wear vibrant clothing, to listen to music without fear, to walk alone, to visit parks, to see my friends—simple desires that were currently denied to me.

Nonetheless, even amidst the prevailing darkness, I hold a steadfast conviction that nothing remains permanent. We have the power to reclaim our brighter days and restore our rights as human beings, as Afghan girls. I refuse to surrender; my spirit brims with unyielding determination, and I am confident that one day, all my dreams will materialize. Our capacity to believe in ourselves and our abilities is paramount, and it is through this unwavering belief that I earnestly hope to write my own book, telling the story of my life.

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