Breaking Taboos: A Story of an Afghan Woman‘s Struggle for Her Dreams and Women’s Rights

I completed my primary and secondary education, and then I studied architecture for two years at college. However, I realized that it would be challenging for women to work as engineers in Afghanistan, so I decided to change my field to political science, which I always loved. While studying, I worked as a news presenter and political show host on a private TV channel in Afghanistan.

Working as a woman in Afghanistan’s society is challenging, especially if you want to pursue your dreams and break societal taboos and stereotypes. Despite facing numerous difficulties, I continued to fight for my goals and dreams. I held many political shows with government and non-government officials, high-ranking authorities, and even former members of the Taliban who had joined the new government, which posed a significant risk to me as I discussed women’s rights with them.

During my time as a presenter, I interviewed the ambassador of Indonesia for Afghanistan in English, which became quite popular. I also worked for a few months to help and support girls who worked on the streets by creating school materials for them.

I am writing my story to provide a perspective on life in Kabul for women and girls and the challenges we face when trying to obtain our basic human rights. I am desperate to share my story with the world, as it is not just mine but the story of millions of Afghan girls living under the Taliban’s rule. This group does not believe in even one human right and is trying to erase women from society. This dream is being destroyed by brave Afghan women, who are still fighting, protesting, and raising their voices to be heard. It is heartbreaking that none of the human/women’s rights organizations or the United Nations strongly support these voices.

Since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, the rules regarding women’s safety make it necessary for me to be anonymous. By remaining anonymous, I can continue my activities secretly and safely.

9 antwoorden
  1. Adil
    Adil zegt:

    Please do continue with your fight, the whole world knows well about the situation, and Afghanistan will come to the political agenda again soon.

    • Abdul Wali
      Abdul Wali zegt:

      You are doing the best continue please, the world will know more what is happening over there, you are the undying voice of Afghan women..

  2. Shahir Ahmad Safi
    Shahir Ahmad Safi zegt:

    It takes a tremendous amount of courage to fight for one’s dreams and rights, especially in a society that doesn’t support them. Your story is not just yours but the story of millions of Afghan women who are fighting for their basic human rights. By sharing your experiences and struggles, you are shedding light on the challenges that women in Afghanistan face every day. Your determination and bravery are truly inspiring and a reminder that change is possible, even in the most challenging circumstances. Keep fighting, keep raising your voice, and never stop dreaming. Really proud of you!

  3. Guido
    Guido zegt:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Afghan woman are the bravest on earth. Stay safe and stay strong, the woman in Afghanistan need role models like yourself. You can speak for them.

  4. Lorraine BROSNAN
    Lorraine BROSNAN zegt:

    I am surprised that you feel that no human/women’s rights group or the UN supports the voices of women in Afghanistan. Since the takeover by the Taliban news or information about Afghanistan isn’t getting out as media sources & journalism has been blocked. The women I know are very concerned for Afghan women. We have heard about women not being able to move around, go to the park, & the complete covering of their faces & bodies. We are very concerned.

  5. Nisar Ahmad
    Nisar Ahmad zegt:

    Greetings to Kabul and it’s brave souls who can still stand and fight against an armed evil force named Taliban. Sharing your insights is very important, especially if you can keep it consistent and interactive, it will have its impact.

    On a side note: I’d suggest editing your future pieces with someone. If there is no one, I might be able to help editing and/or translating. Please also remove some details on this piece that helps reveal the real identity of the blogger, we don’t want another brave girl imprisoned by the Taliban.


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