A Day Before and After the Fall…

As each sunrise graced Afghanistan, millions of girls would awaken to attend schools or colleges, while thousands of women prepared to go to their offices. Despite the numerous challenges, including low security and bombings, we maintained a positive perspective for our future. Women worked tirelessly to be active participants in society and sought to contribute to the government. They managed to secure seats in parliament, representing the people and raising their voices against discrimination and violence. This was a significant achievement for Afghan women.

The echoes of their laughter still resonate in my ears as they headed to school. Every day, from my balcony, I would witness the sight of numerous young girls joyfully making their way to school in groups of six or seven. They carried hope and happiness, despite often traveling long distances and sometimes studying on empty stomachs. Additionally, the city was a vibrant spectacle as girls and women freely roamed, walked, and laughed. The colorful clothes and scarves worn by women added to the beauty. Most importantly, they harbored ambitious dreams, aspiring to turn them into reality.

However, after the fall, a chilling silence has engulfed the city. The women, who were once the sole breadwinners for their families, now face the threat of hunger. Furthermore, girls deprived of education find themselves in a mental health crisis, overwhelmed by a bleak future. They are no longer permitted to venture out freely, forced to adhere to strict dress codes and face coverings. School chairs remain vacant, with colleges devoid of female students. Female university professors have disappeared. The city, once belonging to all, now feels like a prison for women, a place dominated by men.

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